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Welcome to Maison Stivalet!

Let us start off by saying how truly happy we are to have you.


We are a family owned business that started with a dream to integrate a love for intricate design, mouthwatering cuisine, and delectable French inspired pastries.


We aim to please all of our guest’s senses. From our innovative and unique flavors to our modern yet elegant, and classic ambiance.


We take a great amount of pride in our superior customer service and attention to detail, as we continually strive for excellence! For we believe every visit to Maison Stivalet should be an escape from any worries or troubles that come with our day to day lives.


As the smell of fresh baked pastries and our sought-after imported Chiapas coffee envelop you, we hope you are transported to a little piece of home away from home!


As we continue to happily serve the Rio Grande Valley we hope to capture your hearts and stomachs and, become a part of McAllen culture.


We hope to see you time and time again as you come to enjoy yourself and experience what it’s like to be part of the Maison Stivalet FAMILY.

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